Find your way here

Selma’s cabin & salon located at the East wooden pier in Uppsala port. From the travel center is about 1400 meters with easy walk. The nearest bus stop is about 400 meters from the boat.

59°50’57.6″N 17°38’53.2″E

By plane
From Arlanda airport SL pendulum or UL’s bus route 801 to Uppsala Travel Centre. From Travel Center it’s a walk of about 12 minutes. The street in front of the Travel Centre there is Kungsgatan. Turn left and follow Kungsgatan south to Strandbodgatan. Turn right and follow Strandbodgatan to the riverport. Turn left and follow the quayside until you come to Selmas hytt & salong.

If you arrive at Terminal 5 go to Platform 9 at the bus stop area. There are also bus stops outside the other terminals. Take the Regional bus towards Uppsala Nr 801. Get off at bus stop “Kungsängsesplanaden”, about 10 min walk. The boat is situated by the pier. You approach the boat from behind, in the dark there is a big sign on the roof that is illuminated.

By car
The nearest parking is located on Harbour Plan and is chargeable. Parking Information in Uppsala Centre here.

By bus
There are several buses and bus stops to choose from. Find out which one suits you best with the help of UL’s travel planner. Here you can also see the route map. Enter Östra Ågatan 93 as the final destination.

By foot
Follow the quay in Uppsala river port south in the direction of water flow. Selmas hytt & salong is located at the East wooden pier, by the street address Östra Ågatan ’93.